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Istituto Comprensivo Statale 7 "L.Orsini" di Imola (BO)
Via Vivaldi, 76 - Tel 0542 685100
Istituto Comprensivo Statale 7 "L.Orsini" di Imola (BO)
Istituto Comprensivo Statale 7 "L.Orsini" di Imola (BO)


We wish to inform you that all teaching activities will be suspended until May 17th to avoid the spread of Covid-19.
In addition to teaching activities, all meetings with the public are cancelled. For meetings that cannot be postponed, please contact the superintendent directly for authorization.
All requests or inquiries can be received by
0542- 685100, open Monday to Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00,
or by sending inquiries to the following email:

All staff-meetings, parent-teacher conferences, field-trips, and school excursions are suspended.
Parents and staff will be promptly notified by the institution of any future changes or adjustments.

To the parents of the students

Subject: Distance learning - Instructions

In the light of the current health emergency, distance learning activit could affect a part of the remaining school year t is appropriate to give some useful on the organization of distance learning and the use of the electronic register.

1- The electronic register indispensable and irreplaceable tool that each teacher must use to document own distance learningand promptly parents and students about the organization of activities, timetables, digital tools used, evaluation, any or disciplinary ;

2- If children do not participate in activities, teachers will contact parents e-mail or phone;

3- Teachers will GSuite, Classroom, institutional e-mail and the Institute Platform for distance learning; the use of other tools will only families with difficulties in the use of digital technologies.

4- In order to guarantee students and videoconference, as well as avoidexcessive eye strain and distractions, the activities of each teacher, in agreement with colleagues, can also be held in the afternoon, at the discretion of the teacher and compatibility with the.

5- In the case of students with special needsdigital tools and methods are ineffective, the teaching will be teachers contact families;

6-Proposed activities will be verified deemed appropr by teachers. Evaluations will be punctually noted on the electronic register and visible to parents in the "note register" section;

7- distance learning all students are expected to behave fairly, responsibly,respectfully towards teachers and classmates. Therefore, students who break Institute Regulations can be sanctioned.

Since distance teaching does not allow the teacher to supervise student, parents are invited to supervise their children's use of digital devices (smartphones, computers, tablets ...).


To the parents of the students

We inform you that three e-mail addresses are active, for the "Bizzi", "Ponticelli" (Primary) and "L. Orsini" schools respectively, to which parents can send requests for the use of the distance learning service or to request a linguistic mediation service.

The accounts are as follows:

Primary School "B. Bizzi":

Ponticelli Primary

Secondary school:





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